Saturday, July 2, 2011


the park n.y.c. "Relation-Holder/Bracelets"

It's summertime in NYC.

You need sunglasses holders.
You need colorful bracelets.
Why not both in one?

This Relation-Holder/Bracelets are the MUST-HAVE items for this Summer!

"Relation-Bracelets "

Buttons secure two pieces together. Why not secure people?
The word “Button” comes from the old German “Boton” (means flower bud) which inspires to be blooming soon.

Relation bracelets are made with antique buttons which have been preserved as lucky charms .Each one is hand knitted by the designer in Manhattan, Central Park West. Hoping your dream come true.

the park n.y.c.

Wrap around your wrist as bracelets.

Hang from your neck to hold your favorite sunglasses.

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